Central’s Urban Mission Experience

Our Commitment

Live out “Love thy Neighbor.”

In order to love our neighbors, we must first know them.  This comes about when food, work and laughter is shared. 

Love follows understanding, which comes from walking a path together. When we walk together, we learn that we are much more alike than we are different and that we all are God’s children.  Our hope and our privilege is to be the hands of Jesus here on earth.

Redefine “Neighbor”

We are charged by Jesus to love our neighbor.

We believe that to survive as a community, we need to redefine the concept of “neighbor” beyond “next door” to include people who have different life experiences.  Our job is to see past the walls of society and build bridges, to celebrate our similarities as God’s children and learn from our differences.

Treat every human being equally

The challenge of treating each human being equally is much easier to advocate as a philosophy than it is to live as a reality.

In order to treat a human being as an equal , we must step out of our comfort zone and see them as a human, not a representative of their culture , race , nationality or political leaning. It is our goal that Central’s Mission Camp will lead young people to see others as they really are, humans deserving dignity and equality. It is our hope that lessons learned here will follow them throughout their lives and lead to real change in the world.

Enjoy one another

The work of love is hard.  The bonds made while working together create lasting friendships. Groups will have time each day to enjoy time together, doing some kind of activity, such as swimming, boating, etc.

Change comes about through laughter, fun, and shared good times as well as work. Our campers will have times each day for fun activities. All the traditional camp activities are available with an urban twist.
We will swim at Taylor Park and the beautiful Dauphin Island Pool.

We will see movies at the classically renovated Crescent Theatre in downtown Mobile. Dinner will be served one night at the elegant Dauphin Island Country Club.

One fun afternoon, we will take a ride on the Duck Boats, Mobile’s newest attraction. There will be an opportunity to dine on some of the area’s famous seafood on the scenic Causeway.

Campers leave with life-long friendships as well as the satisfaction that comes with helping others. This camp has been a life changing experience for many young people.

About Our Process

  • 01

    14311375_1105278526224442_6420840193689111593_oRev. Chris Bullock, Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church will directly oversee this camp through the year, and during your stay with us.  (He will be assisted by our Camp Director later in the spring).    You are welcome to reach Pastor Chris at anytime.  His Cell Phone number is (251) 648-4984.  Or you can him at rev.chrisbullock@outlook.com

  • 02

    cpc-picture-artisticTo Reach the Church:

    1260 Dauphin Street

    Mobile, AL 36604

    (251) 432-0591  cpcmob@outlook.com

  • Saturday

    Get to know one another and settle in.
    Dinner (YUM) home cooked by church members
    Free time

  • Sunday

    • 10:30 Worship.  The congregation will bless the group in their time here.
    • 12:00 Lunch with members of the Congregaton.
    • 2pm   Work in the garden at Taylor Park
    • Swimming.
    • Dinner back at Central.
  • Monday-Friday

    Monday – Friday

    (This may change depending on the day’s activities).

    • 8 am Breakfast
    • 9 am Move to a Ministry Site.  (Most are within 1 mile of the church).
    • 12 pm Lunch (sack lunch at the site or back at the church).
    • 1 pm -3 pm at a Ministry Site.
    • 4 pm Return to Central to clean up and rest.
    • 5 pm Dinner followed by an evening activity.
    • 9 pm Back at Central for the night.
  • Saturday (departure)


    • Breakfast at 8 am
    • Clean up the Hospitality Suite.
    • Leave before 11 am.

Learn More

  • Pat Hall


    Pat Hall, is a seasoned community gardener who oversees many of the urban gardens, including the very special Taylor Park garden, designed to help children learn to grow their own healthy food.

  • Bridget Mulroy

    first-light-working-on-plaques-1jpg-07b994ca28b7ff13Bridget Mulroy works at L’Arche Mobile, and oversees the college groups that come in and work with the L’Arche community.  She will be working with groups to facilitate relationship between groups and the L’Arche Core Members.

  • Connie Guggenbiller

    12391777_10205661387122467_7908911799907332740_nConnie Guggenbiller is the moderator of the Diaconate, and has an amazing heart for the neighborhood.  She is involved in all of the church’s neighborhood ministries and will facilitate each groups’ engagement in the church’s ministries (especially the Food Pantry, the Largest in Mobile, AL).

  • Chris Bullock

    15167611_1163975153688112_8416507338371292870_oRev. Bullock has been involved with Community Development for all of his 20 years of ministry.

    Serving a Coastal Missisippi Church at the time of Hurricane Katrina, he oversaw 1000’s of volunteers who came to help rebuild the community of Gautier, MS.

    He is daily challenged by Jesus’ command to love thy neighbor.

What does the Participant Fee cover?

1. All mission supplies.
2. Lodging from Saturday to Saturday.
3. Meals at Central from Saturday's Dinner to Saturday's Breakfast.
4. T-shirt.
5. Swimming at Taylor Park pool and at the Dauphin Island Pool.

What extras are not covered?

1. Meals out.
2. The Duck Tour (as a group should be $22/person).
3. Transportation while here (including gas). Each group must provide their own vans, etc.

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How Small a group may come?

We ask that groups be at least 15 people, including adults. We can accommodate up to 32 campers, so there might be 2 groups one week if the groups are smaller.

What Ages may come?

We have developed this camp with Senior Highs and College groups in mind, but we are open to younger groups. If you would like to bring junior high/middle school age youth, please contact before you fill out the registration.

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