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This Sunday in worship, we started with Exodus 35, focusing on the gifts that God has given us and how each of needs to practive using these gifts for the well being of the community.

Towards the end, I noted the communities of Central beyond the worshiping community:

  1. Artists in Residence at CPC: 24 people, 21 of which are not members of the church, but are heavily invested in our community. All of them tithe at high levels, contributing over $80,000 a year to our ministries. 3 of them have agreed to serve as members of the diaconate.
  2. The Prayer Breakfast: 45 people gathered Saturday morning to pray for the racial well being of our community. 40 of these were not members of our church, but all of whom are hungry for spiritual renewal in our community. They include some seriously engaged spiritual leaders of our community.
  3. The Food Pantry: 20-30 folks contribute their time and energy to the wellbeing of the Food Pantry every week. Most of whom are not members of this church. They are committed to sharing the love of Christ among each other and the 50-70 families who come each week. Many of them financially contribute to the Food Pantry, and some just generally to the church.
  4. The Vegan Cafe: 70-80 people gather in the Fellowship Hall each month on the 4th Saturday to eat in the name of compassion: Veganism. At the heart is compassion. And the church in engaged.
  5. The Lost Garden/Muggers: Karen is actively involved in the Lost Garden. Light of the Village, Artists, Muggers. They also initiated invitation Dinners for members of the neighborhood to learn to cook with vegetables from the garden(s) and enjoy a delicious meal from the garden. These are 34-30 people.
  6. Caitlin is trying a pop up bible study through Facebook. Have you noticed?

Renee Wallace prepares Janie and her studio for Saturday’s Maker’s Market and Open House

What is one way you could encourage community (Love, Compassion, Encouragement, Appreciation) within one of the communities? I gave a few examples:

  • Come to the Maker’s Market and Artist Open House this Saturday and introduce yourself as a member of Central Church and tell them how fantastic it is to have them in the building.
  • Say hello to Angela, the Director of the Montessori school and ask if there is some way you could assist her during the busy holiday season.
  • Offer to help cook breakfast for the Prayer Breakfast or let Robert you are bringing someone new to the next Breakfast.
  • Ask Stacey how you can help with the Food Pantry, or just let her know how wonderful it is (because it is wonderful) that we have such a lovely Food Pantry!
  • Come to the Vegan Cafe (Vegetables don’t bite) to support this worth while effort in the community.
  • Ask Pat or Pastor Karen when the next work day is in the Garden and come help out.
  • Show up this Friday evening at the Lost Garden and see what we are up to downtown!

Those are just a few ways you could utilize your gifts for the well being of the communities of CPC. What will you do this week?

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